Creating Community

 Community partner Zovargo providing programming for Navy Families at Naval Base San Diego 
Zovargo giving back to military families in a free show in 2018

Once in a while you hear a story that really moves you. You may read an article on social media or watch a video that reminds you of the compassionate actions people are capable of. Sometimes those stories foster inspiration to take action. Sometimes stories promote warm and comforting emotions. But within the San Diego community there is an organization that embodies these stories in everything they do.

About Zovargo

Zovargo was formed with the foundation to foster human-animal connections through unique encounters and interactive programs. Zovargo has created a unique way of balancing education and entertainment.

There are many organizations that focus on benefiting the environment or the community. These organizations typically welcome partnerships with intent to endorse their individual goals. Sometimes these organizations still compete with one another to maximize the benefit from donations, grants, or for other reasons.

 Zovargo San Diego seeks to break this cycle and encourages a Community of Practice with all organizations. The more we work together, the greater the impact we have. Zovargo has several partner organizations. Working together with partners, they strive to make the world a better place for all!

Some of the many organizations Zovargo has worked with include: Project Wildlife, The New Children’s Museum, Buena Vista Audubon Society, Girl Scouts San Diego, The Raptor Institute, The Living Coast Discovery Center, Climate Science Alliance, Wee Companions, San Diego Audubon Society, and many more!

 Community partner Zovargo at the New Children's Museum
Zovargo at the New Children’s Museum

Zovargo is an important asset to San Diego County. The people at Zovargo are passionate when it comes to their work with the youth. Their goal is to empower the youth through exciting education programs.

 Community partner Zovargo promotes STEM in Your Backyard
Zovargo promotes STEM in Your Backyard

How you can help

You can be a part of Zovargo too! Join our team because we believe – YOU Are Zovargo. You can read more about the many internship opportunities with Zovargo by visiting our website. We have digital media internships, animal educator internships, and more!

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