Giving back and feeling the love this February.

Last month Zovargo was able to provide some animal love in the form of a unique animal experience to San Diego military families. Being able to give back to those who serve is something that Zovargo has always prided itself in doing.

2022 Zovargo Military Program

Event History

Since 2018 Zovargo has worked with Naval Base San Diego MWR to provide family friendly animal programs. Some of the animal events in the past have been spring, summer programs, and other special occasions. The love behind this is not just giving back, but the Zovargo founder is a Veteran and feels a kinship with fellow military members.

“Doing animal events for military families is just one way to stay connected to the San Diego community and my military background.”

-Amanda, Zovargo Founder

Zovargo has connected with many other San Diego community groups

Girl Scouts, San Diego Audubon Society, and several nature centers have all been partners with Zovargo. Each event Zovargo does is to spread animal education to all. It could be a pets badge for girl scouts and the message of responsible pet care. Also, it could be a public event about how to protect wetlands and the message of conservation is there too. It’s important for Zovargo to partner with all local San Diego community groups. This partnership strengthens the message! This also allows the greater community to experience the many Zovargo animal ambassadors!

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