About Zovargo

Zovargo provides conservation education programs with live animal ambassadors. Our team is made up of passionate educators looking to make a change in the world by the way of Animal Conservation Program education!

Zovargo aims to touch the heart and teach the mind by providing positive interactions with animals and unique encounters that will not soon be forgotten.

What does Zovargo mean? 
Zo – Animals
Var – Variety of Animals
Go – Movement or progress in conservation

Where do the animals come from? 
Nearly all the animals at Zovargo come from private donations or owner relinquishments. Some animals have also come from local domestic and wildlife rescues.

How did Zovargo Start?

Like anything, Zovargo was just an idea once upon a time. The creator of Zovargo always loved animals big and small. In the world of conservation – ALL animals are included. Zovargo began from a desire to incorporate all the feathered, furry, scaled, and crawling walks of life into an animal conservation program San Diego. After all, it’s the big, small, and even a little scary creatures, that make our Planet so great! Zovargo is grounded with an authentic principle that everything is connected and every living thing is important.

Why Choose Zovargo?

We are an award-winning animal conservation program that incorporates the attendees! We do not lecture, we are not a school, there will be no tests, but there will be FUN, and most importantly, there will be experiences that will create lasting memoriesZovargo’s Animal Conservation Program education San Diego will also leave you with a message about how YOU can make a difference in the world we live to help save the animals we love and our planet.

Our educators collectively have over 20 years of experience delivering programs to all ages! The creator of Zovargo holds a professional certificate from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums in Conservation Education.

Additionally, Zovargo is a woman, Veteran-owned small business! We strive to provide the most impactful animal conservation program education in San Diego and Orange County! We take safety and regulations seriously – we are licensed and fully Insured.

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