Have an eco-minded friend or family member and aren’t quite sure of what to get them? Or, perhaps that person is you, and you aren’t too sure what to tell them when they ask you what you want! Here is the official Zovargo approved a holiday gift list for your loved ones.

1: United by Blue

You can guarantee that your holiday gift is created with the environment in mind when you buy from United by Blue, a certified B-Corp. This company vows to remove a pound of trash from the ocean and waterways with each product sold. Furthermore, they organize cleanups all over the world and even host a Blue Friday event that you can participate in yourself from wherever you live! Several items I love by this company are their insulated water bottles, copper tumblers, any and all of their bags, and their cleanup kit.

2: Marley’s Monsters

Every product made by Marleys Monsters is handmade and high quality. They offer alternatives to everyday household products. Some of the options include cloth paper towels, reusable sponges, linen napkins, face clothes, straws, and baby essentials. A holiday gift from here could be the perfect way to cut back on waste, and they have lovely gifts for expectant mothers. As a bonus, they have so many color and design options!

3: JOCO Cups

I love coffee and tea and just about everything in between. A reusable coffee or tea mug is the perfect holiday gift for a lover of warm drinks. Even more, you could full the mug with a favorite tea or a gift card to a local cafe or also, pair it with a French press. JOCO cup is a company that encourages people to cut the waste of disposable coffee cups by swapping it with a reusable one. They craft each glass cup with a silicone sleeve and lid for ultimate comfort in drinking and holding.

4: An Experience

You absolutely cannot go wrong with the holiday gift of an experience. Though the options are limitless and that can make it challenging to come to a conclusive decision. However, here are some ideas:

    • Thrill seeker: Rock climbing, surf lesson, skydiving, skiing or snowboarding, or scuba diving.
    • Artist: Photography hike, a musical workshop, or a paint night.
    • Green thumb: Horticulture or permaculture workshop, botanical garden, or guided nature hike.
  • Animal lover: An animal sanctuary, nature hike, and bird watching, whale watching, a Zovargo animal party or public program (Check out the website for upcoming events).

5: A Donation

It’s hard to accept the plea from those who ask for nothing (at least for me). If this is the case and you would still like to gift them something then, you can consider donating to an organization that they are passionate about. You may want to ask them or a friend of theirs if they personally have a liking towards a particular one. You can even donate to us at Zovargo when you buy a wishlist item on our Amazon list or, give to one of our partners listed on our website!

From our Zovargo Family to yours,

Happy Holidays!

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