Ready. Set. Animal Camp.

camp zovargo 2017 D5_69.jpgThere are lots of summer animal camp choices for children these days. When deciding what your child will do with all that free time there are so many decisions to make! How much do I want to spend? How far will I drive? Will they really enjoy it? We know this can be filled with doubt and questions. Hopefully this blog will make it easier for you if you are trying to find an ANIMAL CAMP for your kiddos.

What’s so great about Zovargo?

First off, Zovargo is all about the animals! Our feathered, furry, crawling, climbing friends (ambassadors) are what make us so special. While we may not have hundreds of animals (yikes!), each of our ambassador animals are so very special to us and they are ambassadors because they help deliver our mission to inspire conservation stewardship. Each of our animals are also comfortable being around children and all are completely safe for close interactions.

Aside from our animal ambassadors, Zovargo has some extraordinary educators. Our educators go through professional training and are great at working with kids and animals and at the same time! Not a lot of people can be skilled at multi-tasking in that same way! We make sure with our educators, that our summer animal camp is properly staffed with the right people.

What’s this animal camp all about?

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Camp Zovargo’s Animal Camp

First off, we spend several weeks going over the plans to make sure each day is packed with fun activities, exploring, discovering new things, and meeting animals. This summer animal camp even includes some games and challenges that reinforce topics they will be learning about. Each day, we focus our day on a group of animals and a conservation topic. We’ll do projects along the way that will help us to further research and dive into each of these areas.

Our location this year is right upon the Buena Vista lagoon that has prime viewing of birds, amphibians, and other terrestrial animals. We have access to viewing and interacting right in and alongside nature! Nothing is better for young minds than a good dose of “Vitamin N” (NATURE) for helping them disconnect from their devices and reconnect with each other and the natural world.

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What do others say?

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Camp Zovargo’s Animal Camp

2018 was our third year holding Camp Zovargo. While our previous years have been amazing, we especially enjoyed this year because of we got to dive a bit deeper into nature exploration and learn about climate science and how every person can make a difference for animals and our planet. An animal summer camp wouldn’t be complete without animals. We bring different animals each day at camp to make sure that each day is just as exciting as the next.

Here are some testimonials from our past few years:

My daughter (9 yrs old) raved about this camp every day.  Each day they had new experiences, learned new things and interacted with different wild life, animals and birds.  The Art Farm in particular really added a highlight.  We will do this each summer if we can.” ~Sandra G.

ZOVARGO is such an amazing experience.  My grandkids have gone for 2 years and in October they are already talking about going back next year. The best past is that they know things they would not know about without ZOVARGO.  They are much more comfortable touching and studying new things.  They are much more interested in nature and the environment.  ZOVARGO is a great gift to give a child. I think it changes them in a grand way!” – Sally B.

“Absolutely love this camp! The organizers and the staff are nothing if not professional. They make everyone feel like family and most importantly my daughter had a blast. They have a great program that really intrigues the kids and sends them home talking about all the fun they had. With such a variety of animal ambassadors, my daughter can’t decide which animal she wants to tell me about next. Very educational, great focus on conservation- I highly recommend.” ~Cesar M.

Zovargo Cares!

Even though Zovargo loves to run our summer animal camp each year, we also do many other educational programs year-round. We travel to schools, scout meetings, civic groups, and even support private events. Every place Zovargo goes, we bring a message about conservation with us and hope to inspire future generations.

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